The SIA is led by a Director-General and is an authority under the Swedish Ministry of Justice.

It´s activities are divided between three departments: a legal department, an auditor department and a department for authorisation and operational support.

The Disciplinary Board of Public Accountants

Within the SIA is a special decision-making body, the Disciplinary Board of Public Accountants. The Board makes decisions on disciplinary actions and preliminary rulings, and makes decisions in cases of a fundamental nature relating to the exercise of official authority in respect of the individual. As a general rule, decisions made by the Disciplinary Board can be appealed in the courts.

The members of the Disciplinary Board are appointed by the government. The board comprises a chair and eight members.

The Examination Council

The SIA has an Examination Council that acts as an advisory body in matters relating to the education and examination of auditors.

The members of the Examination Council are appointed by the Director General. The council comprises a chair and four members.